So what happened to the Newmac Expedition?

Published on Jul 19, 2012

Since there is a lot of confusion and interest from many people, I would like to clarify what happened to this expedition from my perspective. I have tried to stay out of the rumour mill but there are some very good questions being asked. You can read some of the theories on David’s post on the Guerrilla Explorer.

I would like to clarify that I did not receive any of the funding, nor used any of it. In fact, my participation and desire to produce a documentary film was not within the original budget when Stephen first authored the kickstarter page. I came on board in late April 2012 with the expectation that I would have to fund myself and that the expedition’s finances would only cover my food and travel expenses once I was in the country. I was responsible for my Congo airfare and personal gear and my documentary film would have to be funded via my own kickstarter fundraiser. Unfortunately, my fundraising had failed to garner the support I was expecting and I had to place my hope for producing the documentary project on an alternate strategy.

Two days before Stephen and Sam left for the Congo, I had begun to suspect that the expedition had financial problems when I was told that a specific purchase was not within the budget. Within two days of the team entering the Congo, I was forced to withdraw from the expedition when I was told that there “wasn’t enough funds for three months.” This was shocking and I was disappointed that I had placed my reputation on the line, only to have someone I trusted disappoint me with their poor financial planning.

I have since decided to start to raise my own funding for a new Congo expedition to search for Mokele-mbembe. The team will be led by Cameroonian-born American and professonal hunter, Cam Greig. Cam provided much of the consulting during the Newmac Expedition and was a great asset. He has conducted fifty expeditions in Cameroon and seven expeditions in the Congo. One such expedition had rendered him stuck in the Congo when the civil war broke out in 1997.

My new expedition will have complete transparency and the proper management that caused the first expedition to fail. Furthermore, the reason that the Newmac Expedition twitter account had gone quiet is because I was the glue holding the media and online presence together. Once I realized that I could no longer risk being associated with Stephen Mccullah, I made arrangements to transfer the website and the domains over to him. Prior to this, I had personally financed these activities with my own resources.

If anyone is wondering why things went quiet or why the website went down, it’s because I was no longer involved in the Newmac Expedition. My efforts and resources are being devoted elsewhere.

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